An update on the accessibility of establishments, cultural programming and the website.

Accessibility of institutions

Since the 2000 years, the National Museum of the Navy has been part of a process of actions for the disabled public and the so-called public of the social field, in order to tend towards an accessibility to all the public. This approach was reinforced in 2015 by the filing of an Ad'AP (programmed accessibility agenda) for the compliance of all its establishments, and the launch of the project of complete renovation of the museum in Paris in 2017 .

We invite you to browse the pages of each establishment to learn more about their accessibility.

(The pages of each establishment are in progress)


Accessible Accessible
Partially accessible Partially accessible
Not available Not available

Cultural programming is specific to each institution. The different activities are not specifically designed for people with disabilities. We invite you to get closer to the teams on site, by mail or telephone, to adapt the offer to your needs.

Accessibility of the website

An external audit, conducted by Oceane consulting, is in progress. The declaration of conformity of the site will be established soon.

Accessibility in Brest

Accessibility in Brest

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Accessibility in Port Louis

access to port louis

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Accessibility in Rochefort - Hotel de Cheusses

Accessibility to the Rochefort Museum

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Accessibility in Rochefort - School of Naval Medicine

Accessibility to Naval Medical School

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Accessibility in Toulon

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