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This program and the interactive terminal installed at the National Maritime Museum were made with the support of Caisse d'Epargne, sponsor of the three masts Belem.

Vice-Admiral Jean-Noël Gard, director of the Navy National Museum

Project manager
Philip Schmidt Head of Internet and multimedia development

Editorial Direction
Philippe Schmidt and Bruno Ponsonnet, head of the cultural department

Writing texts

  • Marie Pierre Demarcq, Librarian Search Service
  • Sibylle Lewandowska, responsible for adults and disabled public, cultural service
  • Alain Niderlinder, Assistant Conservator, Conservation Service
  • Denis Roland, Heritage Conservation attached
  • Philippe Schmidt

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original artwork
Jean-Benoit Héron

The museum thanks in particular:

  • Mrs. Martine Acerra, CNRS researcher in the field of maritime history and professor at the University of Nantes,
  • Jean Boudriot Specialist shipbuilding in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, whose book: "The Vessel 74 canons: practical treaty naval art" was a major reference.