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This program and the interactive terminal installed at the National Maritime Museum has been made with the support of the Caisse d'Epargne, patron of the three masts Belem.

Vice-Admiral Jean-Noël Gard, director of the Navy National Museum

Project manager
Philip Schmidt Head of Internet and multimedia development

Philippe Schmidt and Bruno Ponsonnet, Head of Cultural Services

Writing texts

  • Marie Pierre Demarcq Librarian Search Service
  • Sibylle Lewandowska, responsible for adults and disabled public, cultural service
  • Alain Niderlinder, Assistant Curator, Conservation Service
  • Denis Roland, Heritage Conservation attached
  • Philippe Schmidt

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original artwork
Jean-Benoit Héron

The museum thanks in particular:

  • Martine Acerra CNRS researcher in the field of maritime history and professor at the University of Nantes,
  • Jean Boudriot specialist shipbuilding in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, whose book "The Ship of 74 guns: Practice Treaty of naval art" was a major reference.