Navy Museum, Toulon

The museum retraces the history of the arsenal of Toulon and welcomes its visitors by the former monumental gate of the arsenal.

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Memory of the arsenal of Toulon

Created at the end of the First Empire, the National Maritime Museum of Toulon is located next to the Clock Tower of the arsenal. True memory of the arsenal of Toulon which it preserves the majestic monumental door (1738), the museum preserves and exposes an exceptional collection of models of vessels, as well as a model of galley.

Relying on its rich collections, inherited the expertise of the men of the arsenal since the second half of the XVIIe century, the museum offers an educational and attractive way a human and technical history accessible to all. Among the must-haves: a space dedicated to rope-making built according to the plans of Vauban, large instructional models, aged 250 years, figureheads and stern decorations, often the last witnesses of ships of the time , the model of the extraordinary galley Dauphine and the space dedicated to the prison of Toulon. On the first floor is a focus on the scuttling of the Fleet in November 1942 first and the Navy of today, developed around submarines and aircraft carriers.

The museum collections

The Department of Conservation has to manage mission, study and enrichment of the Navy National Museum collections.

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Toulon - History Museum

The museum traces the history of Toulon's arsenal, from Louis XIV to become the largest military port in the Mediterranean basin

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Toulon - Practical Information

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