Port Louis - Marine Museum

Located on the Atlantic entrance of the Narrows, which controls the port of Lorient, the citadel of Port Louis is a fascinating site.

Rescue © National Maritime Museum / A.Fux

Rescue at sea and oceans treasures

The National Marine Museum presents a beautiful collection of boats, weapons and historical models. The course and its two thematic areas: rescue at sea and ocean treasures make it a first-class museum.

The citadel of Port Louis, one of the most beautiful of the French coast, is an impressive building, a site apart marked by the events of the history of Brittany XVIe and XVIIe centuries. From its ramparts, offers visitors a unique view on Lorient harbor and the island of Groix. The museum space is boosted by two theme routes:

  • The first, unique in France, and particularly moving, is dedicated to the rescue. The first boats with sails and oars ocean tugs and helicopter, he recounts the exemplary brotherhood of the maritime world, it reflects the incredible courage of the men and the evolution of rescue techniques, objects, tools and memories, an exceptional piece of 1897 the Philippian Kerhallet and impressive audiovisual.
  • The space treasures of oceans invite to a voyage in the depths of the seas. The magnificent gift Franck Goddio, the significant Mauritius fund joined to the old collections of the museum offered the rare opportunity to realize a major pole on the theme of underwater archeology. From preliminary research in archives to excavation operations on the site, visitors discover the methods and advanced techniques used. Sound environment and films complete this immersion in the abyssal world.

The museum collections

The Department of Conservation has to manage mission, study and enrichment of the Navy National Museum collections.

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Port Louis - History of the museum

The Citadel is an imposing building, marked by the events of Breton history of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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Port Louis - Useful Information

The citadel is closed until further notice

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