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Space dedicated to the works council, association, hotel, professional image.

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You are a professional, an association, this space is dedicated to you. You will find there
Useful information for:

  • The rental of spaces in Brest, Rochefort and Toulon.
  • The box office presale in Brest, Port-Louis, Rochefort, Toulon
  • Shoots and shots Brest, Port-Louis, Rochefort, Toulon
  • Group visits Brest, Port-Louis, Rochefort, Toulon
  • Requests for iconographic research

Space rental

The National Maritime Museum is the cultural asset of your corporate events.
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space patrons

Support specific projects, join the club of companies or give your support to one of five sites the museum.

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In The Press

Press this space is dedicated to journalists who wish to learn about the news of the Navy National Museum

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photographic service

rich collection of thousands of images and using the iconographic research.

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Enjoy unique spaces for your photographic shots and your filming movies or television shows.

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