Rochefort - Former Naval Medical School

Location powerful and moving the school stands today as it was in the mid nineteenth century.

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unique place in France

Naval Medical School Rochefort was founded in 1722. This is the first in the world. For over 240 years, it forms embedded surgeons on board warships. In 1788, she moved into a pavilion of the new naval hospital, then one of the most modern in the UK, where it remains. Rochefort health officers actively involved in exploration trips around the world. The Human Anatomy collections, ethnography and natural history as well as the library grow and organize themselves on the three floors of the building.

The school stands today as it was in the mid-nineteenthe century. Location powerful and moving, it opens up a dense story that combines science, technology, politics and society.

The dockyard of Rochefort is now a heritage site of European importance. Several players are now helping to revive: Hermione, Royal rope, service heritage and museums of the city, Marine Museum, Department of Defense history. All are complementary and call for a rich and varied tour. Within this network, where exchanges are numerous, the Marine Museum draws on its rich collections: all objects from the arsenal are considered as so many witnesses who tell their stories, our history.

The museum's collections

The Department of Conservation has to manage mission, study and enrichment of the Navy National Museum collections.

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Rochefort Library

Library of the old school open naval medicine to the public by reservation.

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Rochefort - History of Naval medical school

Founded in 1722, is the first naval school of surgery in the world.

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Ecole de médecine navale - Practical Information

10 February at 31 March: 10h30-18h00 open daily except Tuesdays. All tours are guided

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