Your opinion interests us !

Call for participation in the renovation of the museum

Have you already visited the National Maritime Museum in Paris?

1 to 2 times?

The National Marine Museum invites you to give your opinion on its future temporary exhibitions. Currently closed for renovation work, the new National Marine Museum will open in 2021.

Exchanges will take place as part of a group discussion friendly (8 10 participants) on Thursday 5 July in Paris (M ° Trocadero - location specified later) from 18h to 20h.

Each participant will receive a gift from the shops of the National Maritime Museum. Refreshments will also be offered.

If you are interested, THANK YOU to make contact now:

please specify your: Name / First name / Age / Professional situation / Telephone number / Postal Code / Number of visits to the National Maritime Museum (1 or 2 times).

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