Treasures of the Library

prestigious works, exploration travel atlas traces of expeditions, life stories ... the library holds treasures.

A historical collection

Books and objects of the Navy National Museum

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Like the museum's collections, the library's collections derive from all the objects and books collected at the Louvre for the needs of the École des Ingénieurs Constructeurs created by Duhamel du Monceau.
This initial nucleus was a valuable working tool for curators who enriched it successively, sometimes even with their own collections. In this way, the heritage fund was created, composed of ancient, rare and precious works. Focusing on shipbuilding initially, it has subsequently extended its reach to all the knowledge related to the navy, echoing the history of the museum and its evolution.

Among its many treasures, the library holds treasures, remarkable works that particularly deserve to be highlighted: milestones in the history of the navy and its techniques, works at the prestigious provenance, atlas published in the return of large trips exploration, testimonies of work and family practices, traces of adventurous expeditions, memories of now extinct institutions stories of a life dedicated to the navy through a diary ... Even a modest print or a simple catalog of manufacturing can become, by their rarity, valuable books. However, all in their astonishing diversity, are involved in the transmission of maritime heritage.

The Obelisk of Luxor

Jean-Baptiste Apollinaire Lebas, a collection of drawings and prints boards
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naval vessels of plans and sections Compendium

Nicolas-Marie Ozanne, black and brown ink, watercolor and wash on paper
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construction Treaty

Mr. Ollivier, naval engineer and buildings to serve as instructions to his children.
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Science galleys

Jean-Antoine Barras La Penne, manuscript
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practice treated in the construction of ships

Henri-Louis Duhamel of Monceau
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1690 Construction

Handwritten attributed to François Coulomb
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Journal manuscript

François d'Orléans, Prince de Joinville
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The museum's library

Two reference libraries devoted to the marine area under its richest aspects.

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space scientist

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