practice treated in the construction of ships

Henri-Louis Duhamel of Monceau

Practical Treatise on the Construction of Vessels - Frontiscipe
Elements of naval architecture or practical treatment of shipbuilding /

by M. Duhamel du Monceau; [ill by Nicolas Ozanne] - 2de ed. - Paris: Charles-Antoine Jombert, 1758


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Elements of Naval Architecture or Practical Treatment of Vessel Construction

Henri-Louis Duhamel of Monceau

Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau (1700-1782) is an inspector of the navy since 1739. In this position he has assembled a large collection of models of vessels and harbor machines that will form the nucleus of what will become the Naval Museum. In 1741, he founded the École de Paris (later to become the School of Marine Engineering), which allowed selected pupil-builders in the ports to receive a scientific teaching for the development of this body for three years. It is for the training of these pupils that he writes his treatise on construction.

Duhamel du Monceau is not a practitioner but he knows how to organize the subject in a pedagogical way; the text of the book is clear and supplemented with numerous illustrations. It has helped to break the lock of confidentiality in the shipbuilding industry by updating the "secrets" of the constructors hitherto jealously guarded.

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