construction Treaty

Mr. Ollivier, naval engineer and buildings to serve as instructions to his children.

Shot of the Royal Louis, 1726 - p. [23-24]
Treatise of construction: by M. Ollivier, engineer of the navy and constructions to serve as instruction to his children / Blaise Ollivier. - [Brest], [1743]

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Construction treaty: by Mr. Ollivier, engineer of the marine and constructions to serve as instruction to his children manuscript

Blaise-Joseph Ollivier

Like the Coulombs to which they were related, the members of the Ollivier family were excellent builders in the service of the Royal Navy. The handwritten documents of Blaise-Joseph Ollivier (1701-1746) kept at the Naval Museum are major witnesses for the study of naval architecture in the 18th century because they are the work of a talented builder, still marked by the empirical transmission of the knowledge inherited from the previous centuries (he titles his book as: Construction Treaty to serve as an instruction to my children) but which, through the use of mathematics and the easier practice of technical drawing, breaks with the conservatism of the nineteenth century and prefigures the profile of the engineers-builders of the Age of Enlightenment.

National Marine Museum Library, B251
Don Henry Ollivier, 1873

Digitized work, available in on-screen consultation at the library.

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