Toulon - A figure at the bow [Workshop visit]

For 7-12 years

On Monday 22 October at 14h30

Programming 2018
  • Monday 22 of 14:30 à 16:00

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A visit to discover the naval decoration, a workshop to get started!

A figure at the bow or the pleasure of discovering an art that has been lost today ... Yet, in the time of Louis XIV, naval decoration is on the rise and the fleet of Roy is beautifully decorated!

So why and how were ships decorated? With what motives? A facilitator guide presents some of the museum's collections and explains to children the stakes and techniques of naval decoration.

The children then try one of the stages of naval decoration: the modeling of the figurehead. This will involve choosing a theme, mixing the dough, shaping it and adding details that will make the charm of their creation. A creation that they can bring back and continue to develop at home!

Useful information

On Monday 22 October at 14h30

For children in 7 12 years.

Duration: 1h30.

Price: 6 euros.

Attention, limited places!

Information and reservations from the museum at 04 22 42 02 01 or

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The museum is open every day except Tuesday, from 10h to 18h.

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