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around the temporary exhibition «Raymond Depardon: 1962-1963, military photographer»

Visits, conferences, groups, outside the walls

A series of events around a unique exhibition

© National Museum of the Navy / © Romane Palmeri

Throughout the duration of the temporary exhibition, the museum implements a rich and varied cultural offer: guided tours, conferences, workshops but also a project outside the walls.

Visits family workshops one Sunday per month

• Conferences: From September to December 2019, four speakers will present, at the rhythm of once a month, their eyes and their expertise on a theme related to the exhibition. (detailed schedule coming soon)

• For groups, adults and schoolchildren: guided tours and workshops:

The commented visit the temporary exhibition complements the offer of the thematic visits already proposed in the framework of the permanent collections. This visit allows to contextualize the shots made for the magazine TAM in 1962-1963 by Raymond Depardon - then young called under the flags - and which, as such, are a reflection of that time. It also makes it possible to question the use of photography as an oriented representation of reality.

Workshop visits allow to discover the exhibition while exercising its creative and critical look: the connection with other photographs or writings allows to distancing and participates in the reflection on the role of the image and its message, and as the flexibility of its interpretation.

Rates and reservations with Vincent Méheut,

• Action outside the walls, in partnership with the Hospital Training Hospital (HIA) Sainte-Anne

The themes of the work of Raymond Depardon have given rise to the idea of ​​a collaboration with the Sainte-Anne Hospital in Toulon and more particularly the patients and health professionals of the psychiatric service.

Based on guided tours of the temporary exhibition and the work done by the HIA mediation team in the psychiatric department, patients become actors in the exhibition. Creative work is being developed from the photographic medium. An instruction: to have a documentary look at his illness or the psychiatric service. The result of this work will be exhibited from mid-October in the museum's collections, echoing Raymond Depardon's photographs.
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Toulon - Guided tour

Monday 30 December from 15 p.m. to 16 p.m. the collections, Tuesday 31 December all day for the temporary exhibition
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