Toulon - Painting with your fingertips [Visits workshop, exhibition]

Event Chanouga and the White Aborigine

Friday April 20 14h30

Programming 2018
  • Friday 20 of 14:30 à 16:00
  • Friday 04 of 14:30 à 16:00

Painting in the skin!

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Paint with your fingertips

On the occasion of the event "Chanouga and the white aborigine", extended until June 30, the Marine Museum invites you to discover the pictorial technique of the aborigines of Australia. The children are first introduced to the story of Narcisse Pelletier and the work of the author-draftsman Chanouga: how has Narcisse reacted, confronted with aboriginals with artistic and cultural practices so different from his own? The children are then invited to put themselves in the shoes of an aborigine and try their art. Everyone leaves with his creation

Practical information

On Friday 20 April at 14h30

Friday May 04 14h30

For children in 6 10 years.

Duration: 1h30.

Price: 6 euros.

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Toulon - Painting with your fingertips [Visits workshop, exhibition]

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