Toulon - Pavillon noir [Visites atelier, coll]

For 6 - 10 years.

On Monday 29 October at 14h30

Programming 2018
  • Monday 29 of 14:30 à 16:00
  • Monday 24 of 14:30 à 16:00

At the boarding!

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A fun visit for the youngest

Long before Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow, pirates and privateers have sailed the seas in search of treasures ...

To evoke these sinister - but fascinating - characters, the children are immersed in the sad story of Captain Skull of Silver. On the trail of his terrible destiny, the children will discover the old sailing ships, their operation and the way we lived - cheaply - on board. But also what happens to the pirate if unfortunately he is taken prisoner!

Despite these teachings, the desire to taste the life of brigand of the seas will be the strongest for these apprentice pirates ... The activity ends in the workshop and after handling felt and scissors, they will leave proudly with their own flag! At the boarding!

Practical information

On Monday 29 October at 14h30
On Monday 24 December at 14h30

For 6-10 years

Duration: 1h30.

Price: 6 euros.

Attention, limited places!

Information and reservations from the museum at 04 22 42 02 01 or

Toulon - Practical Information

The museum is open every day except Tuesday, from 10h to 18h.

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