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Chanouga and the White Aborigine, a discovery of the history of Narcisse Pelletier in comics!

From the 1 in July to the 7 in April 2018, the Museum of the Marine of Toulon honors the work of a young cartoonist, Chanouga, who is interested in an incredible - but true - story by Narcisse Pelletier. This young moss of the nineteenth century survives a shipwreck and is then abandoned by his captain on the wild coast of northeastern Australia. Collected by the Aborigines, he lived with them for 17 years, immersed in their culture completely, before being forcibly brought back to civilization by English sailors, surprised to find in front of them a "white savage".

The museum has the pleasure of presenting the comic strips "Narcissus" of Chanouga which relate this uncommon destiny. One of the rooms immerses the visitor in the universe of Chanouga and Narcisse. There are also original plates of the author.

Guided tours, mixing permanent collections and the Chanouga area, are adapted to different levels:

For kindergartens and CP:

From CE1 to high school:

In addition, the Musée de la Marine also offers BD workshops, aboriginal graphic design and artistic creation (workshop animated by a plastic artist).

Aboriginal Graphic Workshop

Point-to-Point - Kindergarten and CP download file

Point by point - from CE1 to high school download file

Atelier BD CE1 at the lycée

Planchez Bullez download file

Workshop of artistic creation maternal and CP

Tjukurpa download file

Find here our educational file as well as the documentary file completing it. On the menu, there are references to the history of Narcisse Pelletier and the links with the programs.

It is possible to complete the visit of museum with a visit of the Historical Service of the Defense (SHD) which makes available to the public of the documents archivés in connection with the history of Narcisse Pelletier. Reservation required with the SHD at the 04 22 42 03 65.

Encounters between the author and the classes can also be envisaged (contact us).

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Chanouga and the White Aborigine

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