Toulon - The explorers painters [Plastic workshop]

Plastic workshop for 4-14 years

Every wednesday from 15h to 16h30

Discovering the world (imaginary)!

© MnM Toulon

The explorers painters

There are many such illustrations which, in their time, have completed the stories of the great discoveries! Men, their way of clothing, of behaving, but also the landscapes, the animals and the plants, everything was then represented with more or less scientific truth.

The curiosity sharpened by the stories of exciting maritime adventures (including under the surface), children embark in their turn to discover the world and become explorers painters. The result of their creativity will be the witness of a country still unknown: their imagination!

A time of original creation elaborated around the collections of the museum.

Gouache, pastel, watercolor, collage, an introduction to the techniques of marine painting

Plastic workshop animated by Nicole Budonaro.

Practical information

Every wednesday from 15h to 16h30

For children to 4 14 years

Duration: 1h30.

Price: 6 euros.

Information and reservations from the museum at 04 22 42 02 01 or

Toulon - Practical Information

The museum is open every day except Tuesday, from 10h to 18h.

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