Toulon - Les Oreilles d'or [Shop visits - collection]

For 10 - 14 years.

On Thursday 25 April at 14h30

Programming 2019
  • Thursday 25 14:30 à 16:00

Ready to dive?

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A visit to know everything about submarines, a workshop to learn about the profession of "Golden Ears"!

Aimed at young teens, the "Golden Ears" workshop visit looks at the famous "black boats" present for more than 100 years in the harbor of Toulon.

Who remembers that the Gymnote, built in Toulon in 1988 is the first operational submarine in the world? Successive technical evolutions led to the current SNAs, of the Rubis type. And the world of submarines is again undergoing transformation with the transition to SNA Barracuda type, announced in the next few years.

What are the missions of the submarines? How do you live on board? After having (almost) all told about these exceptional boats and those who sail on them, the guide presents in more detail a fascinating profession: that exerted by the "Golden Ears". These men listen to the sounds of the sea and are able to identify them. It remains to take up the challenge for these young teens!

Practical information

On Thursday 25 April at 14h30

For 10 - 14 years.

Duration: 1h30.

Price: 6 euros.

Attention, limited places!

Information and reservations from the museum at 04 22 42 02 01 or

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