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The museum to better help you plan your visit with your students

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The museum helps you to prepare your visit in the company of your students.

How to book my tour with my students?

To book a guided tour with your students, it is very simple. Just send an email to the following address: and send your application indicating:

Contact the educational team

Vincent Méheut, reception and mediation officer, in charge of reservations /

Christine Joly, in charge of reception and mediation. 04 22 42 02 01 /

Cristina Baron, Administrator and Deputy Curator /

Toulon - Practical Information

September - May every day except Tuesday from 10h to 18h.

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Toulon - Offer Chanouga and the white Aborigine

Guided tours and workshops for schoolchildren
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Toulon - School Visits

Teacher sheets to download to prepare your visit to the museum
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