Toulon - AAMM Conference Series

Tuesday 29 May at 15h

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The conferences of the Association of Friends of the National Museum of the Marine of Toulon (AAMM)

  • Tuesday 13 February at 15h, "Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton. The crossed destinies of three cold sailors "
  • Tuesday 20 March at 15h, "The Imperial Arsenal of Antwerp"
  • Tuesday 3 April at 15h "Admiral d'Estaing and departure of the squadron to America"
  • Tuesday 29 May at 15h "Shipwrecked and abandoned at risks, perils and fortunes of sea"
  • Tuesday 12 June at 15h "Gervese (1880-1959), painter and sailor"

Detailed program

Tuesday March 20 to 15h

the Imperial Arsenal of Antwerp

by Bernard Cros, historian and member of the Var Academy

Tuesday April 3 to 15h

Admiral d'Estaing and departure of the squadron to America

by Patrick Villiers, professor emeritus of universities, historian and author

Tuesday May 29 to 15h

Shipwrecked and abandoned to the risks, perils and fortunes of the sea

by Gilbert Buti, Academician, Historian and Mediterranean Delegate of the French Society of Maritime History (SFHM)

Tuesday 12 June to 15h

Gervèse (1880-1959), painter and sailor

by Jacques Schirmann, nephew of Charles Millot aka Henri Gervèse

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1h30 period.

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