Patronage in kind for the exhibition "From the amphora to the container"

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Sycamore supports the exhibition "From the Amphora to the Container, 2000 Years of Maritime Commerce" by making available to the visitors of the museum, 18 visioguide devices intended for audiences deaf or hearing impaired.

Since its creation in 1986, Sycomore has supported visitors to cultural and tourist sites, tour operators and receptive agencies by means of its interactive visit productions and intuitive and innovative multimedia visiting systems. Recognized for its technological innovations, the quality of its multimedia productions and the efficiency of its operating teams, Sycomore also offers a wide range of solutions for specific audiences to illustrate heritage and events. From the traditional audioguide to the multimedia guide, to the development of applications for smartphones and tablets, Sycomore offers systems and methods that adapt to the increasing mobility of visitors and their will to enrich their knowledge effectively and joking.

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