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Discover the winners of the contest

Fashion week of Arsenal

Arsenal Fashion Week in Rochefort / France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Discover the winners of the contest

More than sixty costumes, rehearsals and creations were presented at the Arsenal Fashion Week which held the 25 and 26 last August in Rochefort. Several topics were proposed to participants:
• History: reconstitution of a civilian or military garment between 1666 and today;
• Fiction: reconstitution of a garment of a comic or manga character;
• Misappropriation: creation of a modern garment inspired by an old costume;
• Marine spirit: clothing evoking the maritime world;
• Accessories: creation of headgear, shoes, bags, etc. maritime nature.

The public came in large numbers to attend the parades and various activities offered by the museum. At the end of the competition, the jury members selected the winners:

"History" category:
- Sophie Crampé
- Elena Meunier and the association "Voyage au 19e siècle"
- Audrey Boissinot, of Mousseline and Mandragore

Audrey Boissinot, Elena Meunier and the association "Voyage au 19e siècle", Sophie Crampé © National Maritime Museum

Category "Fiction":

- Claudia Daunis

Claudia Daunis © Stéphane Brizard

Category "Diversion"

- Muriel Weishaupt
- Hugues de Virville

Hugues de Virville, Muriel Weishaupt © National Marine Museum

"Marine Spirit" category

- Olga Warfolomeewa

Olga Warfolomeewa © National Maritime Museum

Category "Accessories":
- Muriel Weishaupt
- Eric Weishaupt

Muriel Weishaupt, Eric Weishaupt © National Marine Museum

Mention of the jury:
- Laurent Garrouste
- Josette Itey
- Pascal Meyer
- Mylène Palisse
- Nefeli and Hanae Poirier

The museum would like to thank the participants and congratulate the winners of the contest!

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