Rochefort - Marine Museum

Housed in the hotel Cheusses, the museum has a central role as a player in local cultural life.

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Hotel de Cheusses

The exceptional collections presented in the former residence of Commanders of the Navy engaged the indispensable key to understanding the great arsenal wanted by Colbert and modified continually until today.

The construction of warships is highlighted in all its dimensions: technical, military, economic, urban, visual, philosophical and also open to the imaginary voyages. arsenals models, tools, paintings, sculptures tell the story of a space of state experimental arsenal of the French Navy.

The dockyard of Rochefort is now a heritage site of European importance. Several players are now helping to revive: Hermione, Royal rope, Service Heritage and Museums of the City, School of Naval Medicine, Department of Defense history. All are complementary and call for a rich and varied tour. Within this network, where exchanges are numerous, the Marine Museum draws on its rich collections: all objects from the arsenal are considered as so many witnesses who tell their stories, our history.

The museum's collections

The Department of Conservation has to manage mission, study and enrichment of the Navy National Museum collections.

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Rochefort - History Museum

Housed in a mansion of the seventeenth century, the Hotel de Cheusses, named after the last lord of the manor of Rochefort.

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Rochefort - Practical Information

10 February at 31 March: 13h30-18h00 open daily except Tuesday

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Rochefort - Former Naval Medical School

Location powerful and moving the school stands today as it was in the mid nineteenth century.