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The shop bookstore offers you great gift ideas for your summer shopping!

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Museum of Rochefort

Take advantage of this beautiful space to discover a whole range of original products derived from the museum's collections: decorative (cardboard, glassware, brass objects), feminine (umbrella, silk square), local (embroidered ties) or from the Navy (pompon).


Bookshop of the Musée national de la Marine
Hotel de Cheusses
1, Place de la Galissonnière
17300 Rochefort
CALL US : 05 46 99 86 57

Former School of Naval Medicine

Discover also a point of sale in the school of naval medicine around the medical, botanical ...


Bookshop of the School of Naval Medicine
25, rue de l'Amiral Meyer
17300 Rochefort
CALL US : 05 46 99 59 57

Bookstores shops

Bibliophile, collector, curious, little foam, looking for gifts, marine activity in our stores bookstores await.

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Rochefort - Practical Information

February 8 to April 3: 13:30 p.m. to 18 p.m. daily

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Ecole de médecine navale - Practical Information

Access to the naval medical school, its library and the collections is only on guided tour.

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The museum editions

Catalogs, albums, books on collections, youth books, courses, all Navy National Museum editions.

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