Rochefort - History of Naval medical school

Naval medical school is a gateway to history.

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As frozen in time, unperturbed since 100 years, it offers a significant prospect, moving and rich in marine science and old. Founded in 1722 - it's still the first naval school of surgery in the world-, Rochefort school invents an original and pragmatic education to train surgeons embarked aboard warships. At the inauguration of the new Maritime Hospital in 1788, she settled in the pavilion designed especially for her: she is still there.

In the nineteenthe century, health officials do not only play the role of doctors, pharmacists and surgeons, they are representatives of European science around the world, on land and on board. Botany, zoology, geology, ethnology, describe, draw and bring new evidence. Knowledge is still wants encyclopedic and science offers a comprehensive speech in which all disciplines meet. These collections take place in Rochefort alongside human anatomy parts. The assembly consists of several Navy doctors generations exposed as rational and aesthetic principles appropriate by school officials in mid-nineteenthe century. It is this set including library collections, presentation, building that one can find today. Understanding the body of the man, think the diversity of the world, see yourself and pass on his knowledge, affirm its prestige as such is the worldview that is here inscribed in stone, books and collections.

Rochefort - Former Naval Medical School

Location powerful and moving the school stands today as it was in the mid nineteenth century.

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