Meeting, between botany and drawing

Meet the 25 October / Workshops the 26 October

Programming 2019
  • Saturday 12 of 15:00 à 16:30
  • Friday 25 of 18:30 à 19:45
  • Saturday 26 of 15:00 à 16:30

Botany - Drawing,

Dating around an intimacy

For a learning eye

A botanist must exercise his eyes in order to distinguish and recognize plants in nature. The designer looks extensively at his works in order to penetrate them and understand the substance of his practice. To look to recognize, to look to criticize, in both cases the gaze serves to advance in a knowledge, in a science or in an art. The two disciplines, beyond relying on the same meaning, support each other, interpenetrate since the dawn of time. As soon as the man had the idea to use the plants, he wanted to know them, to recognize them, he wanted to transmit his knowledge and he drew them, represented with features and very often colored spots, as in real, closer to the real thing. Naturalistic drawing establishes a discipline in its own right in the visual arts. Many artists, works that come out of the boards and scientific collections to enrich the gallery galleries. Plants, bouquets of flowers are subject to many paintings or papers. We want, in this wonderful place of education that has trained those who have discovered the world and its natural treasures, to contribute to the much needed work of attention and look while revealing, exposing, the intimate union of drawing and Botanics.


Friday 6 September at 18h30 - Watch and listen to nature

In the middle of the books of the library of the school of naval medicine in Rochefort, all senses outside, we invite you to a dive in the nature! Open eye and ear, we will offer you the tools of the explorer, the weapons of attention, intelligence and sensitive knowledge in the service of the discovery of the world. A presentation on the characteristics, differences and similarities between the gaze and listening, an introduction to the philosophy of openness to the world and its exploration.

Friday 25 October at 18h30 - The starting plants

If we are familiar with the plants reported by the Rochefort explorer-physicians through their works, what do we know about local plants originally shipped for the feeding, treatment and prevention of diseases of sea travel? A presentation of Anne Richard thanks to her personal directory of nature explorer Rochefort, the druggist and the iconography of the library of the School of Naval Medicine.


Saturday 12 October at 15h - Making a herbarium.

Anne Richard, botanist, offers to make a herbarium from a personal collection or plant already harvested. The aesthetics and composition of herbarium planks as well as the conservation of the color of petals and flowers will also be discussed.

Saturday 26 October at 15h - Draw and blackmail flowers.

Play a music drawing with flowers and some pencils or charcoals. 4 sound stations to make concert.

Workshops for adults and children alike by Denis Tricot, visual artist

Useful information

Friday 6 September at 18h30 - Watch and listen to nature

Saturday 12 October at 15h - Making a herbarium

Friday 25 October at 18h30 - The starting plants

Saturday 26 October at 15h - Draw and blackmail flowers.

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Dating: Free
Workshops: 8 € / adult, 4 € / child

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