Produced in Brittany

Exhibition "Lights" at the Museum of Marine Paris, 2012.

Produced in Brittany

Established in 1993, the associative company Produced in Brittany has established itself as a pioneer of the territorial commitment marks and as the first economic network in Brittany. Produced in Brittany now brings together close to 300 member companies that bring together 100 000 employees in Brittany, in all trades.

Developing employment in Brittany is the objective that product members in Brittany have set for themselves since the beginning. To this end, an action program is implemented each year by the members on the basis of a set of shared values: solidarity, quality requirements, innovation, respect for people and respect the environment. These values ​​enable established competitors to work together and carry out bold projects, such as the recent creation of an export subsidiary: Bretagne Excellence.

Produced in Brittany, territorial development is at the crossroads of the economic and the cultural. Thus, its action jointly promotes these two vectors of animation of the territory, while remaining apolitical. Many commercial actions ensure the promotion of Breton products and know-how in all areas: food, service, culture ... Cultural prizes are awarded each year in the field of books, music, design, to promote of young talents. Through its originality, Produced in Brittany aims to give life to a new model of territorial development: networking, pooling resources, shared economic intelligence, decompartmentalization of sectors of activity, and consumer mobilization.

Paris - Museum of the Marine - Presentation

The museum in Paris has closed its doors for renovation.