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The bookstore shop offers great gift ideas.

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Welcome to the Museum Shop Bookshop!

Enter the shop of the National Maritime Museum to discover a whole range of original products (cards, posters, brass objects, lamps ...). Beautiful products around the citadel and museum works are waiting for you.
In the corner bookstore, discover the various books on the sea, Brittany and its secrets. Editions of the museum are also proposed.Venez stroll between the Japanese porcelain and the many aromas of tea.Les youngest will appreciate the playful and cultural corner (board games, books) around the world of pirates, princesses and the sea .

A textile area is also available for adults and children (marinière, silk scarf).

Novelty: The 2019 Vintage Paris Mint Medals

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Bookshop of the Musée national de la Marine
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Bibliophile, collector, curious, little foam, looking for gifts, marine activity in our stores bookstores await.

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A new medal for the museum

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Port Louis - Marine Museum

Located on the Atlantic entrance of the Narrows, which controls the port of Lorient, the citadel of Port Louis is a fascinating site.

The museum editions

Catalogs, albums, books on collections, youth books, courses, all Navy National Museum editions.

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