Port Louis - Visits Clemence de Clamard

Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

Thursday 19 July and Wednesday 15 August at 11h30 and 15h30

Programming 2018
  • Thursday 19 of 11:30 à 12:30
  • Thursday 19 of 15:30 à 16:30
  • Wednesday 15 of 11:30 à 12:30
  • Wednesday 15 of 11:30 à 16:30

With Clémence de Clamart, a colorful character, discover the citadel

© National Museum of the Navy / A.Grandener © King Zizo Company

Who is Clémence de Clamard?

Clemence Clamard does not live his life, she dreams, a life all in grace and lightness. Crazy, tender and deliciously irreverent, she makes the vow of freedom, joy and poetry.

With its timelessness, its costume and its expression, Clémence de Clamard takes us through the mirrors of time and genre.

Tenderly irreverent, with an authority without brutality, it takes us into digressions and poetic flights, sometimes sublime, most often crazy, always offering the pleasure of not taking ourselves seriously, to have fun with her. even to distance oneself from the situation and to laugh at it.


Creation and interpretation: Julien Galardon
Looking outside: Gaëtan Emeraud (Lycanthrope Theater)
Writing tips: Cedric Hergault (Compagnie La Goulotte)
Advice to the theater of objects: Gildwen Peronno (King Zizo Company)
Costume design: Anna Le Reun - Under the Bridge
Makeup tips: Erika Urien
Production: Association Zones of Poetic Utopia
Co-production: Departmental Domain of Suscinio
Support: Department of Morbihan, Vannes Agglo Gulf of Morbihan The Grain of Salt, Senna (56)


Useful information

Thursday 19 July and Wednesday 15 August at 11h30 and 15h30
1h Time
All Public and all terrain

Included in the entrance ticket:
Full price 8 €
Reduced price 6.30 €
Free for less than 26 years
Rates subject to change

Contact :

02 97 82 56 72


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Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

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