Port-Louis - Coastal fortifications in modern times: challenges, knowledge & practices

Study day, 400 years of Port-Louis

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Coastal fortifications in modern times: challenges, knowledge & practices

Day organized by the National Museum of the Navy and FRE CNRS 2015 TEMOS (University of Brittany-South) as part of the 400e anniversary of the citadel.

The study day will be followed by a guided tour by Anne Belaud de Saulce, National Museum of
Marine, exhibition "Four centuries of fortification in Port Louis"

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Communications of the day

Opening of the day by Anne Belaud-de Saulce, National Maritime Museum and Christophe Cérino, South Brittany University

Fernando Cobos, MUR Universidad Alfonso X. Madrid, "The strategy of defensa marítima and the elaboration of the fortifications to the marina in Hispanic monarchy in el Siglo XVI"

Christian Pfister, University of the Littoral, "The fortifications of Dunkirk"

Isabelle Baguelin, DRAC of Brittany, "From the battery ordered by the Marquis de Lavardin to the German shooting platforms: the fort of Pors-Puns"

Benjamin Égasse, University of Brittany-South, "The defensive system of the harbor of Lorient in the eighteenth century"

Nicolas Morelle, Aix-Marseille University, "Archaeological evidence of the elevation of the Desmourier bastion (1620-1640) at the citadel of Port-Louis"

Jacques Péret, University of Poitiers, "The lock of the Gironde"

Thierry Sauzeau, University of Poitiers, "The relationships between poliorcetics and flooding / submersion around citadels"

Alicia Cámara, National University of Distance Education - UNED (Madrid), "Experiencias and sober fortification between el Mediterráneo y el Atlántico: the agents in the construction of the fuerte of Blavet"

Laurent Pavlidis, Aix-Marseille University, "Fortify the Caribbean coastline. Issues, specificities and practices: the case of Santo Domingo from the middle of the 17th to the beginning of the 19th century »

Christophe Cérino, University of South Brittany, "Strategic issues and militarization of islands in South Brittany in the 18th century"

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