Port-Louis - The guided tours of Jérôme Poulain

Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

Tuesday 14 August at 14h and 16h30

Programming 2018
  • Tuesday 14 of 14:00 à 15:00
  • Tuesday 14 of 16:30 à 17:30

A burlesque and stripping ambulatory show!

© National Marine Museum / A.Grandener © Joseph K company

Counter-tours guided by Joseph K Company

Jérôme Poulain, seconded exceptionally by the "Finance, Marketing and Heritage" department of the Tourist Office of Rambouillet, invites you - as part of his 400 years - to a guided counter-visit of the Citadel of Port-Louis.

Assisted by the oldest job-youth of the Municipality - Mr. Hervé - Jérôme Poulain is particularly interested in the little story: what we have forgotten, what we do not want to remember and all that we did not even know.

During this journey with a thousand scents, these two all-terrain guides will highlight the local historical heritage, the citizens' initiative, as well as major political scandals and other dark financial affairs classified without result.
An unusual visit that will show you this citadel like you've never seen it before.


Jérôme Poulain: Stanislas Hilairet

Mr. Hervé: Jérôme Heuzé


Useful information

Tuesday 14 August at 14h and 16h30
1h Time
All ages - From 10 years

Included in the entrance ticket:
Full price 8 €
Reduced price 6.30 €
Free for less than 26 years
Rates subject to change

Contact :

02 97 82 56 72


Port Louis - Useful Information

May-August: daily: 10h-18h30.

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Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

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