Port Louis - The Reuz Machine

Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

From 17 to 22 July all day reveal the music in you!

Programming 2018
  • Du 17 / 07 / 18 au 22 / 07 / 18

Experience an original musical experience with The Reuz Machine!

© National Museum of the Navy / A.Grandener © The Reuz Machine © Illustration Jean Jullien

Become a creator of emotion thanks to the music!

In life, we are all hungry to live things, special moments, the opposite of a purely commercial relationship. There is no doubt that emotion is one of the pillars of the goals we seek; as it is so blatant to note that this emotional research is rarely, alas, by music. Yet we all know how much the sound is what remains ... when we have forgotten everything.

But here may be the innovation that could echo you and excite your connection between you and the 400 years of Port Louis, giving you the ability to make your musical pattern without being a musician and create ... an emotion.

It's called the REUZ MACHINE * [literally the machine that makes the sound - "the noise machine" in Breton]

The Reuz Machine is a sound creation experience that allows you to compose a musical and video remix, using only your movements, by interacting with a recognition engine.

Your head, your movements modulate the chosen music and allows to create a proper interpretation and all ... filmed and shareable (if you wish).

In order to personalize the experience for Port Louis 400 (1618-2018) - we have adapted the engine to a single "classic" musical theme. We invite the visitor to become ... "conductor" on an orchestration of period music, rather Baroque harpsichord and cello - the gestures, the body and your wand will do the rest! (Wig, jacket and wand provided)

* The Reuz Machine ™ is an invention of the Reuz, Nantes structure dedicated to creation, design and sound invention, to create emotion.


Useful information

Of the 17 22 July
All day
All public

Included in the entrance ticket:
Full price 8 €
Reduced price 6.30 €
Free for less than 26 years
Rates subject to change

Contact :

02 97 82 56 72


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