Port Louis - The citadel celebrates the ocean

Discover until January 5 two exhibitions that invite to think about recycling and the environment.

Programming 2019
  • Du 01/10/19 au 31/10/19
  • Du 01/11/19 au 30/11/19
  • Du 01/12/19 au 31/12/19

This year, the citadel is celebrating the ocean!

The museum focuses on environmental issues related to marine activities with a thematic event that starts at the launch of Sustainable Development Week.

In addition to a rich program of workshops and events, two guest artists, Laurent Tixador and Nicolas Floc'h, will participate, in their own way, in the reflection on recycling and the environment.

This year, heading to the ocean that surrounds us. A vast mysterious expanse, the ocean is today in danger.

On the occasion of the event, "La Citadelle celebrates the ocean", the museum wishes to make visitors aware of the stakes of this still unknown space.

What role do we have on marine pollution and global warming? How to reduce our impact?

What is the action of the State at sea on the control of pollution and fishing?

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Two invited artists to discover until January 5

Laurent Tixador in residence [to see from Saturday 31 August]

Laurent Tixador is an artist of DIY and physical engagement who works closer to his immediate environment. He makes it a point of honor to use simple technologies, exploring all the possibilities provided by recovered materials and testing his ability to adapt to extreme conditions. At a time when recycling has become a major ecological issue, Laurent Tixador is experimenting with a recovery economy by building works with materials found in situ. Following participatory workshops with the public in February, April and May, a work will be created from elements recovered at the foot of the Citadel.

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Nicolas Floc'h exhibits at the Citadel

From the infinitely large to the infinitely small, the works of Nicolas Floc'h, presented in the powder magazine, are part of a multidisciplinary approach that combines scientific research and artistic gesture to represent the underwater depths.
Visual artist and photographer, Nicolas Floc'h directed his work towards the sea through a questioning related to ecology and the environment.
In Port-Louis, he proposes works that represent entries at different scales in the color of the water.

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Exhibition in Port Louis - Laurent Tixador

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Exhibition in Port Louis - Nicolas Floch

Exhibition of 30 May 2019 at 05 January 2020 - PORT-LOUIS EXHIBITION NICOLAS FLOC'H

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