Port-Louis - Festival the Stones speak [show]

Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

Friday 20 July, 14h30 Workshop at 16h30 (limited to 12 people), show from 17h

Programming 2018
  • Friday 20 of 14:30 à 16:30
  • Friday 20 of 17:00 à 18:30

Journey to the heart of Brittany's imagination

© 2017 festival The Stones Speak


An appointment not to be missed this summer, in the exceptional site of the Citadel, for a trip to the heart of the Breton imagination.

The 18th edition of the festival "Stones Speak in Brittany" invests heritage places in southern Brittany, where storytellers and storytellers will carry this word both new and old that is the soul of Brittany.

As part of the 400 years of the citadel, the Marine Museum welcomes storyteller Guylaine KASZA for a workshop and a performance.

Guylaine KASZA:

From her window the day she sees the sea, at night she sees the moon; that is perhaps what gives the stories she catches all over the world this taste of adventure. In a few words, in a few gestures, she takes you into her world. While the path is full of pitfalls and it is necessary in the process to carve a few dragons, but it is what makes the pleasure of the tale ... and Guylaine does not hesitate to share it with us.

Useful information

Friday July 20
14h30 workshop to 16h30 (limited to 12 people)
Show from 17h

Included in the entrance ticket:
Full price 8 €
Reduced price 6.30 €
Free for less than 26 years
Rates subject to change


02 97 82 56 72



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