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The color of the water

© National Museum of the Navy / © Michel Le Coz / © Nicolas Floc'h

Nicolas Floc'h exhibits at the Citadel of 30 May 2019 at 5 January 2020

Visual artist and photographer, Nicolas Floc'h directed his work towards the sea through a questioning related to ecology and the environment.

In Port-Louis, he proposes works that represent entries at different scales in the color of the water.

  • An image taken in the water column by depth 10 is an immersion in color, a variation of Glaz characteristic of the Breton coastal zone.
  • Two sculptures, carved out of Hainaut blue, a stone formed by the sedimentation of marine organisms, plankton, represent two diatoms (phytoplankton) making us approach this microscopic world.
  • A sound piece, productive painting, "the color of water", makes us hear the words of Hubert Loisel, a scientist who speaks to us of both color and painting, but also the productivity of the oceans.
  • A film shows us a visible manifestation of large zooplankton saturating the body of water around Ouessant.

The work on the water column and the color is currently continuing with the Wimereux teams (Hubert Loisel, Fabrice Lizon) and in two projects, "Initium Maris" and "Watercolors" produced by artconnexion and OAO. Following his residence aboard the Goellete Country in 2017, Nicolas Floc'h also works with the teams of Plankton Planet (Colomban of Vargas, Noan the Bescot, Sebastien Colin) on the forms of plankton.

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Exhibition of 30 May 2019 at 5 January 2020

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