Port Louis - Cirque Content Pour Peu

Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

Monday August 13 to 14h and 16h30

Programming 2018
  • Monday 13 of 14:00 à 14:45
  • Monday 13 of 16:30 à 17:15

Immerse yourself in the burlesque and acrobatic world of the company "Cirque Content Pour Peu"

© National Museum of the Navy / A.Grandener © Cirque Content Pour Peu

The company Content Pour Peu presents on the occasion of the 400 years of the citadel its show "Between the Zist and the Gesture".

Between the zist and the zest is to spare the goat and the cabbage, to be half-fig and half-grape ... A good starting point for two disoriented acrobats who, suddenly, are taken of a terrible doubt.

Is it the good zest, the good figure? Charlie Chaplin's mute and burlesque cinema is not far off, absurd situations are jostling, misunderstandings are wacky, because we have to continue at all costs. So sometimes lost, sometimes opportunistic, we invent, we drift, we bounce. And we laugh!

This show received the 2015 Jury Award at the "Le Bonheur des Mômes" youth festival in Grand Bornand.


From and with Hugo Marchand and Loïse Manuel

Costumes: Laura Kérourédan

Light: Nicolas James (not present for the street version)

Prod / diff: Mathieu Vattan


Useful information

Monday August 13 to 14h and 16h30
40 minutes duration
All ages - From 5 years

Included in the entrance ticket:
Full price 8 €
Reduced price 6.30 €
Free for less than 26 years
Rates subject to change

Contact :

02 97 82 56 72


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Port Louis - The citadel celebrates its 400 years

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