Museum in renovation

The National Museum of the Navy in Paris is under renovation.

A large maritime museum for the 21st century

Renovation of the National Marine Museum 2017-2021


The renovation project


The national marine museum of tomorrow will be the maritime museum of the 21st century, with a great mission: to tell France and the sea!

Its main objective will be to make the sea and maritime adventure a topic of interest for all French people.

  • To expose, illustrate, explain and highlight the identity and maritime history of France; the future museum will tell stories of sea and sailors, ancient and contemporary. Each one of them will lead the visitor to ask questions about the current situation of the sea and the stakes of tomorrow.
  • To raise awareness of the issues and challenges facing the sea in all its dimensions: historical, geographical, environmental, economic, scientific and cultural. The reinforcement of the geostrategic stakes of the maritime spaces for France and a real ignorance of these stakes by the decision makers and the public opinion plead for a museum which would restore the national narrative all its maritime dimension.
  • Transmitting the taste of the sea; the National Marine Museum will be a lively, interactive, emotional and knowledgeable place that will invite visitors to travel.

In short, the ambition is to make this new museum the great place of the sea and sailors in Paris.