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Course, free without speaker, 1h30

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The educational service designs pedagogical files, thematic visits and workshops, developed from the programs.

These courses are designed to enable teachers to build a business independently, can also be supported by a host of museum (cost of the service: € 45) "

The wooden shipbuilding XVIIe in the nineteenthe s

First, second degree

Observation trail based on collections.

File containing summary elements and additional documents.

primary folder

secondary folder

steam the veil

The Industrial Revolution in the Navy nineteenthe s. observation path based on collections.

steam the veil

Rochefort - Teachers

The history of Rochefort country more broadly, the maritime history of France and Europe XVIIes. nowadays.

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Rochefort - Practical Information

Exceptional closure of the museum until Tuesday 18 December, reopening on Wednesday 19 December at 13h30.

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Museum of Rochefort - School visits - Primary

School visits, 45 minutes 1h, world of wooden navy, maritime history rochefortais country.
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Museum of Rochefort - School visits - Secondary

School visits 1h, the keys to the arsenal.
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Naval Medical School Rochefort - School visits - Primary

School visits to 1h30 2h, Life classification, exploratory trip but popular phrases around the collections.
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Rochefort School of Medicine - School Visits - Secondary

School visits, 1h to 2h, history of medicine, scientific knowledge, journeys and life classification.
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