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Whether you are a bibliophile, collector, curious, little foam, looking for gifts, marine activity, we try to please everyone and respond to your requests

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A reference library maritime

a wide panorama of the maritime world, many themed around all marine, many references around contemporary topics: sea food, fishing and walks, ecology, climatology, sea, fauna and flora ...

A gift shop

a wide range of original, useful or decorative products, a space dedicated to youth and numerous articles about the medieval universe, piracy, princesses and explorers.

Throughout the year, discover a multitude of books and products in bookshops boutiques, around the themes of exhibitions and local events.

New products

The tourist ticket of the museum is finally available!

Come and discover our two models: the Emperor's Canoe and the scaphandre of the Carmagnolle brothers.
To be removed in all our bookstores

Latest editions of the Musée national de la Marine

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Brest - bookshop

Open to opening hours of the museum, located at the entrance of the Madeleine Tower.
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Port Louis - Shop Bookstore

Open to opening hours of the citadel. original and unusual products.

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Rochefort - Shop Bookstore

Open during museum opening hours, enjoy the museum bookstore and point of sale at the Naval Medical School

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The museum editions

Catalogs, albums, books on collections, youth books, courses, all Navy National Museum editions.

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