The museum collections

The Department of Conservation has to manage mission, study and enrichment of the Navy National Museum collections.

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The inventory-keeping, proofing and monitoring of new acquisitions (donations or purchases), are all priority actions for curators and collections managers. They must also ensure good conditions of conservation works, whether exposed or not.
Although the museum has five permanent exhibition site, a large part of its collections is kept in reserve. Through exhibitions, external loans - in France and abroad - as well as deposits with other museums, the works run regularly. These movements involve strict management, in the manager's responsibility.
The objects are not exposed or loaned if their conservation status is satisfactory. The role of restaurateurs is capital within the service. And if some restorations are outsourced, those on the models - their shell, their rigging, their fittings, their weapons - are mainly performed internally, the museum's restoration workshop historically being the only one to work on this type of objects from the beginning of the museum.
The work of conservators and restorers is regularly the subject of publications, another way to make knowledge available to all.

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