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Two reference libraries devoted to the marine area under its richest aspects.

Library Old Naval Medical School Rochefort

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The two libraries of the National Navy Museum are reference libraries dedicated to the navy in its richest aspects: maritime history, shipbuilding, navigation techniques, exploratory voyages, medical and natural sciences.
Within the network that constitutes it, the National Marine Museum has two libraries, one in Paris, the other in Rochefort, in the Old School of Naval Medicine. These libraries both existed from the beginning of the institutions to which they are linked - 1827 for the Naval Museum then located in the Louvre, 1722 for the Naval Medical School - but they were structured and organized only years later.
Different in their themes, the two funds are closely linked to the history of their respective home institutions.
The works gathered at the Naval Museum in 1827 were complementary collections and married in the themes, providing a valuable tool for conservatives whose donations were an important source of enrichment.
In Rochefort, the themes of surgery and medicine, taught by the school, form the heart of the collections. These, originally constituted by the students' monetary contribution, are an extension of the practical demonstrations and reflect the training of health officers from 1722 until the 1964 medical school closes. Today the fund is no longer enriched.
In Paris, the team of librarians keeps up-to-date with research and literary projects in order to propose a fund in line with the problems of today and in connection with the renovation.

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The library of Rochefort is accessible only by appointment.
Due to the closure for work of the National Museum of the Navy at the Palais de Chaillot, the Paris library is currently closed to the public to prepare for its move and the museum renovation project.

computerized library catalog of the Navy National Museum (Paris and Rochefort)

The computerized catalog of the libraries of the National Museum of the Navy today includes close to 40 000 references to books, manuscripts, periodicals, proceedings of symposium and reprints. Since 2013, the catalog has integrated a common portal with the libraries of the other museums of the Ministry of Defense.

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Library of Paris

Paris library is currently closed to the public
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Library of Rochefort

Library of the old school open naval medicine to the public by reservation.

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Digitized books as part of a project with the National Library and its partner libraries.

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Treasures of the Library

prestigious works, exploration travel atlas traces of expeditions, life stories ... the library holds treasures.

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The museum collections

The Department of Conservation has to manage mission, study and enrichment of the Navy National Museum collections.

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rich collection of thousands of images and using the iconographic research.

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