TOTAL Foundation

Patron of the Navy of the National Museum since 2008.

  • 2013: Exhibition «Mathurin Méheut» at the Musée de la Marine de Paris
  • 2008: Exhibition «Albert Marquet, maritime itineraries» at the Musée de la Marine de Paris

The Total Foundation

The Total Corporate Foundation, created in 1992 in the aftermath of the Rio Earth Summit, has been dedicated for 16 years to the environment, and more particularly to marine biodiversity. Since 2008, its commitment has expanded and the Total Foundation now covers four fields of activity: solidarity, health, culture and marine biodiversity.

On the occasion of the exhibition "Mathurin Méheut", the Total Foundation renews its support to the National Maritime Museum in the development of the French maritime heritage. In this way, she shows her attachment to the world of the sea, a field of intervention of the Foundation since its creation. Indeed, the Total Foundation is investing in the field of Marine Biodiversity through partnerships with the SNSM. It extends this anchorage here thanks to this exhibition of a great painter who has so well depicted the marine world.

Paris - Museum of the Marine - Presentation

The museum in Paris has closed its doors for renovation.