EDF Foundation

partner of the exhibition "Lights" at the Maritime Museum in Paris, 2012.

The EDF Foundation

The EDF Foundation supports the exhibition "Phares", continuing an adventure that began in 1997, with the virtual reconstruction of the Colossus of Ptolemy found in the excavations of the lighthouse of Alexandria. Using the state-of-the-art techniques developed by the company for the maintenance of its nuclear power plants, EDF researchers first digitized the four tons fragments that made up this colossal granite statue. Then, the laser readings allowed the manipulation of the blocks and the virtual reassembly of the colossus. Finally, a mechanical study also made it possible to improve the restoration and conservation of the statue by anticipating the efforts generated by the weight of the blocks. The patronage of skills is the result of close collaboration between the EDF Foundation and the Group's Research and Development Department. By making available the expertise of its laboratories and the know-how of its researchers, EDF participates in the rapprochement between science and culture.

In the service of this patronage, the EDF Valectra laboratory brings together the skills of EDF. Materials engineering to restore and preserve valuable remains, such as the throne of the Francis kings preserved at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the 3D imagery to reconstruct the column of Delphi dancers, the science and technology of geological and geophysical surveys for exploring the site of the Peking Man in China, the physics of fluids to analyze the circulation of air in the cave of Lascaux, these are some of the contributions of this original patronage for the preservation and development of our heritage.

Paris - Museum of the Marine - Presentation

The museum in Paris has closed its doors for renovation.