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The collections of the Marine Museum

at the Palace of Versailles

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Models of the Imperial Navy Collection of the Museum of the Navy
17 June - 14 September 2014. Grand Trianon, Cotelle Gallery

For the first time since 1828, the collection of sixteen models ordered and assembled by Napoleon, masterpieces of the carpenters of the arsenals, leaves the rooms of the Naval Museum to find, in its entirety, the place for which it had initially ordered: the gallery of the Cotelle of the Grand Trianon.

In 1810, while he was refurnishing the Grand Trianon to settle with the new Empress Marie-Louise, Napoleon decided to have a collection of models of warships of all types placed in the Cotelle gallery. today called the "Trianon Collection" .Jacques-Noël Sané (1740-1831), Inspector General of Maritime Engineering, one of the main artisans of the renovation of the Navy under Louis XVI thanks to standardization plans of three types of ships (118, 80 and 74 guns), was commissioned to constitute the collection in connection with Duroc, Grand Marshal of the palace, and Alexandre Desmazis, administrator of the Garde Meuble impérial.

While one might have thought this collection simple to build, the project continued after the Empire, under the Restoration. This exceptional ensemble shows the different types of warships of the time, from wing warfare and boarding combat to more modest cargo ships. The exhibition will be accompanied by paintings depicting naval battle scenes, painted by Crepin, Hue, Morel-Fatio or Mayer, as well as portraits of admirals such as Latouche-Tréville, Magon of Medina or Blanquet du Chayla, and some evocative weapons. of the boarding.

Commissariat of the exhibition

Jérémie Benoît, chief curator at the National Museum of the Châteaux of Versailles and Trianon
Hélène Tromparent of Seynes, Chief Curator of Heritage at the National Museum of the Navy
Alain Niderlinder, scientific advisor and historian of naval collections

Useful information

Exhibition open every day except Monday, from 12h to 18h30.
Last admission to 18h.

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