The Toulon Marine Museum offers visitors to discover the world of Chanouga.

Chanouga / Ed. Package - Graphic Design: Chanouga

From 1er July 2017 and until spring 2018, the Toulon Marine Museum offers visitors to discover the world of Chanouga. This comic book author traces the incredible story of Narcisse Pelletier, a young moss who, after a shipwreck in 1858, will be immersed for 17 years in the aboriginal culture. The "white savage", as he was nicknamed by the Australian press, will eventually be found and repatriated to France in 1875.
Throughout the summer, the Navy Museum has implemented a varied cultural offer around the work of Chanouga: residence of author, meetings and dedications with the public, animations, workshops, participation in the comic festival of Solliès-Ville ...

When a moss with an extraordinary destiny meets an artist

Young mule native of Saint-Gilles-sur-Vie, born in 1844, Narcisse embarks on the three-master Saint-Paul which is damaged on the reefs of Rossel Island (Papua New Guinea) in 1858. Abandoned by his companions on the northeast coast of Australia, he is collected by Aborigines. Immersed for 17 years in the Uutaalnganu culture, Narcissus is finally rediscovered by English sailors in 1875 and brought back to France by force.

In 2007, Hubert Campigli - alias Chanouga - author of comics animated and inspired by history and the sea, seizes this destiny out of the ordinary. After a thorough investigation of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in Australia, he focuses on drawing the scene, to immerse himself in situations, animate the story to inhabit the soul of the character.

© Chanouga / Ed. Package - Graphic Design: Chanouga

"Many students came during the year to visit the exhibition" Chanouga and the white aborigine. "Among them, CM2 students from the schools Maurice Korsec (Marseille) and Saint-Jean du Var (Toulon) have collaborated on a common project and met the author in the walls of the museum! This video shows their work, made from the exhibition and allows those who have not met him to get to know him. author of the comic trilogy "Narcisse", the friendly Chanouga! "