Past exhibition - Port Louis: STONE WALLS

Regards Marion Pennec on the Citadel of Port Louis

The citadel source of inspiration

© National Marine Museum / A.grandener © M.Le Pennec

Regards Marion Pennec on the Citadel of Port Louis (Autumn 2017 - 2018 Spring)

Artist invited for six weeks by the National Maritime Museum on the occasion of Port Louis 400 years, Marion Le Pennec has confronted his own sensitivity to the majestic architecture of the citadel.

Captivated by the environment and the landscape brewed by the weather in a harsh and powerful light, his gaze lingered on the high fortified walls, witnesses of four centuries of wars and feats of arms.
Then his attention turned to the contrast between the light of the sea and the rigorous architecture, almost "mathematical" places, the killers or "murders yesterday" symbolizing the passage between these two worlds.
It is the story of men that his pen tells: human shadows hidden in the walls, behind closed doors of waiting, imminent attack, violent deaths ...
Finally, convinced that the artwork contributes to the duty of memory, the artist dwells on the history of 69 resistant young people tortured and shot in 1944 at the foot of the ramparts, drama that resonates with his personal history . These resistants are symbolically represented by the digit 15 (6 + 9 = 15).
Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 1998, Marion Le Pennec works mainly with Indian ink. This passion for the age-old black ink associated with water is practiced as a song of the moment and nourished by the tradition of the "unique brush stroke" of Asian painting.

12 works were realized during this residence and are to discover in different places of the citadel.