Past exhibition - Port Louis - MAYDAY!

The MAYDAY! tells how the rescue at sea is organized on the coasts of France since the 1960 years

Starting from the 12 May, as part of the fifty years of the National Society of Rescue at Sea (SNSM) and Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Centers (CROSS), the Port Louis Marine Museum presents the exhibition "MAYDAY! Voices and faces of rescue at sea ".

Sea rescue was declared Great National Cause by the Prime Minister at the 4 2016 Interministerial Committee of the Sea.

The exhibition MAYDAY! tells how rescue at sea has been organized on the coasts of France since the 1960 years while highlighting the actors who contribute to it. It reveals, on the one hand, the largely unknown role of the CROSS, to whom all calls for distress converge, and where the actions of all actors, private and public, are coordinated. On the other hand, it pays tribute to the volunteer rescuers of the SNSM, who ensure each year more than 50% of the operations.

Port of Étel, exercise of the SNSM and the Civil Security,
25 April 2015 (detail) © Erwan Le Cornec / Géos-AEL
CROSS Jobourg (Manche), 2014 (detail) © Antoine Soubigou

Mayday, a four-step immersion

  • Rescue organization
  • CROSS Voices
  • At the service of others
  • The Image of Rescue

The exhibition is based on a rich and unusual sound material, because the human voice, carried by constantly modernized technical systems, is the link between the ship in distress and the CROSS

To learn more about the heritage of sea rescue, check out the website of friends of the old lifeboats

Audrey Grandener and Vincent Guigueno