Past exhibition - Pierre Péron at anchor!

10 Exhibition April 2015 at 03 January 2016

© MnM / M. Tric

Born in Brest in 1905, Pierre Péron devoted much of his work to painting and drawing the port city. A poster artist and professor of drawing in Paris, he was appointed naval painter in 1942. The landscapes and maritime life of the city of Ponant - which it dominates from its workshop located in front of the castle - inspired him until his death in 1988.

"May all these reminiscences of the past, all these evocations please those of my generation. That all these sketches teach young people the love that a Brest can have for his hometown ".
Pierre Péron, Rendez-vous street of Siam, 1968

The museum presents some forty original works, mainly from its collections, supplemented by loans from private collections and partner institutions: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Historical Defense Service, the Library of Study, and 'Naval School. The exhibition features a dialogue between the artist's work and the permanent collections, the exhibition "It was a small ship ... The toy boats", and the panoramas from the ramparts. A journey into space and time that invites the (re) discovery of this multi-faceted artist.

Fine - In Paris must be wary, we do not know who we meet ...
Marie - You do not know who it was? P. Péron, a craftsman, a dauber, a caricature.
Fine - you do not need to tell me who it is, I know çuila. One who laughs at us ...
Marie - No Fine, that must not be believed. He is one of Brest himself, who loves his town well, and who loves us as well. Proud he was to be Brestois too. I saw that he was from home, vat. When he spoke to me of Recouvrance and Brest, he knew all the cobblestones.
Dig a Dao (dialogue Fine and Marie Tincuff)
© Private collection
Marie Tincuff and Joséphine Pichodou, Dig a Dao, 1954
Jean-Yves Besselièvre, administrator of the museum
Lénaïg L'Aot-Lombart, in charge of cultural mediation

Scientific Council: Françoise and Yves-Marie Péron Graphic design © Gwénaëlle Magadur

Pierre Péron (1905-1988)
Visit the castle, La dépêche de Brest, 1937
© Private collection

The exhibition is held in partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts of Brest, on the occasion of the exhibition "Pierre Péron, a modern graphic designer" presented from 1er July 2015 to 3 January 2016.
poster of the Brest Museum of Fine Arts © Brest métropole