Past Exhibition - Photographing Port Toulon, 1845-2016 - Toulon

12 October 2016 - 29 May 2017

Development of the docking basins of the arsenal, Toulon harbor 1912, René Freze collection © Musée national de la Marine / DR graphic design Laëtitia Loas-Orsel

The city of Toulon has always belonged to an exceptional geographical area, enclosed between sea and mountain and marked by its military function. The chronological route of the exhibition allows us to understand the influence of the arsenal on the city, the extent of the port facilities at the beginning of the 20th century and the reconstruction of the bombing of the Second World War.

A journey in three stages:

-Toulon through the construction of his tourist image thanks to the work of Parisian photographers as well as those of Marius Bar and Alexandre Bougault, emblematic local figures.

-The port in the twentieth century and the painful times. (1914-1918) and the stigmata of the bombing (1939-1945), the Powder Case with the explosion of Jena and Liberty, military production during the war effort.

- The contemporary vision of the port through the lens of two photographers: Jacqueline Salmon - plastic photographer - for the naval base and Caroline Lamotte - photographer of the Cephismer * - which illustrates the ports.

* Human Diving Unit and Intervention under the Sea

Development of arsenal refit basins, Toulon harbor
1912, René Freze Collection © Musée national de la Marine / DR
graphic design Laëtitia Loas-Orsel

Cristina Baron, administrator of the National Maritime Museum in Toulon, assistant curator
Angelina Meslem, Head of Photography Collection at the National Maritime Museum