Past Exhibition - The Great War in the Mediterranean

1914-1919 Sailors in battle!
09 Exhibition September 2015 at 14 July 2016

The Great War in the Mediterranean, 1914-1919. Sailors in battle! © National Museum of the Marine Toulon

On the occasion of the centenary of the First World War, the Navy Museum, the City of Saint-Tropez and the Historical Defense Service wanted to join forces to present an exhibition on maritime aspects in the Mediterranean. The role of naval, commercial and fisheries marines during the First World War is still ignored today. Naval battles, although spectacular, are less numerous than large land offensives, and the daily life of seamen may seem less difficult than that of men in the trenches, yet the role of the marines in the conflict is far from negligible. The control of the seas is a crucial issue for France and England in order to block Germany and its allies, to send troops from colonies or friendly countries, or to procure supplies and equipment. food.

Pédagogique, illustrated with a long chronological frieze and numerous works the exhibition allows us to grasp the daily tinged with fear and heroism of sailors in combat in the Mediterranean. Beyond highlighting the role of the Navy in the First World War, the exhibition pays tribute, a hundred years later, to all these courageous sailors, among whom were many Toulonians.

Commissariat: Cristina Baron, Administrator of the Museum of Toulon, Assistant Curator