Past exhibition - Fort Boyard, the adventures of a star

Exhibition, 19 April 2012 - 31 December 2013

© National Museum Navy

Fort Boyard is today one of the most famous monuments in France. The exceptional success of a game show, the popularity of which has not been denied since 22 years is the cause. But this success itself is due to the particular strength of a monument whose history, form and atmosphere are unparalleled. Return to a destiny.

Fort Boyard: a national monument

Fort Boyard is one of the most recognizable monuments on the French coast. Its unusual construction on a sandbank mobilizes huge human, financial and technical resources. The rochefortais country saw its landscape transformed by a project of a gigantic extent, interrupted by the vagaries of the History, during 63 years. From the need to protect Rochefort against the English menace, a monument is born whose construction remains a challenge because of its geographical location and the evolution of techniques in turn applied to this innovative project.
Despite the human and financial effort, Fort Boyard became a useless military monument as a result of advances in artillery. The Navy employs a few months as a prison, and 30 years as a base of passive defense. Stricken, he is abandoned, looted and finally sold. The cinema, since 1966, and especially the television since 1990 make it brutally pass from the shade to the light. He is today a media and tourist icon, carrying the image of an entire department. The exhibition tells all these stories, big and small, who did what Boyard has become today.

Fort Boyard the adventures of a star, at the National Museum of the Navy.

Around its own collections, the National Navy Museum has benefited from the support of numerous partners: the Historical Defense Service has largely opened the door of its archives, most of them unpublished: the engineers' plans are here as much sources of the first order that works of art, as precise as sumptuous. The production company of the game also authorized, for quite exceptional purposes, the loan and exhibition of films and photos, but also accessories of the game.
The scenography retained, gladly spectacular, allows the visitor to enter Boyard, to live and understand, by image and sound, the destiny of a fort, between heritage and representation. Fort Boyard, the adventures of a star invites you to discover the successive lives of the most famous fort in France.